Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Superman and Lois Recreation Tryout

I've been thinking about trying my hand at a cover recreation (i.e. reproducing an old comics cover with minute exactitude using traditional tools and methods). Kind of an intimidating prospect for someone as Photoshop-dependent as I am. Last night I copied this central image from a classic Lois Lane cover (viewable here).

It's not within acceptable reproduction parameters, but it looks kinda neat on its own I guess. Doing it was an eye-opener -- this little drawing was mentally and physically exhausting, constant squinting at the cover, constant figuring-out, moving closer and further and away to check your proportions (I eyeballed it). But the process made me see this classic image in a new, hyperdetailed way. It's a good way to get into an artist's head, working out the hands and the kneecaps and stuff, the teeny little things your eyes just glossed over before.


Justice said...

Paul -
Traditional is tough, ain't it?

Good stuff. BTW, I truly thought your Superman re-design was a step above all others.

Like the judges, I just thought it needed color and some tweaks.

Good stuff, man.

Justice said...

Here's my "edit" of your cool design. Yeah, I'm rude, but I thought you would have won with these tweaks.

What makes the Black work is that Supes has black hair - and it is never repeated in the design. You fixed that, but if we don't do red and blue we lose his classic heroism. so I limited it to his pants and cuffs.

Well, you are the better artist. I hope you aren't offended.


Paul Salvi said...

Hey that's pretty cool!

Mark Waid dug it. My finest hour. : )

Thanks man!